Monday, August 15, 2011

210: branching out

There's been this branch sitting in our backyard for weeks. It fell off of our oak tree with no leaves on it or anything... I've been ignoring it for a while but it hasn't gone away.

Today, after throwing my shoe at a squirrel, I had to go retrieve it & I decided to grab the branch too. For some strange reason I felt like it would look nice nailed to our studio wall. didn't. It's kind of a naked branch and it looks a bit awkward.

So I decided to just make it sorta cherry blossom branch inspired & started glue-gunning on some random silk flowers we had laying around. It's a bit strange cause they're rose buds, but whatever.

and when I ran out of roses, I expanded to carnations and others. hahah

& now.... I'm happy with our studio wall decor.
It's a bit random but it's 3 dimensional and sits far off the wall & looks pretty fab.


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  1. Lovely and creative decorative use of a stick! haha, the melange of flowers is great too :)


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