Tuesday, August 2, 2011

203: killbear

You may or may not have noticed that I've been missing for a few days! Sam's been picking up the slack here at the blog & keeping you updated, while I've been away on a mini-vacation for 5 days!

I went camping up at Killbear Provincial Park here in Ontario with Matt & some friends from Stratford. Being from the most densely populated part of Canada, I love that Northern Ontario is SO beautiful and scenic. It's just awesome to get away from the bustle of the city to go enjoy nature for a little while... even if it means sleeping on an air mattress in a tent ;)

This was our 4th annual camping trip with these friends & I think our trips stand out just because we always cook amaaaaazing meals. We do the usual camping things, like taking hikes & checking out beaches, and the boys usually canoe around & fish.

Check out some of my photos from my weekend away!

the drive up through the Canadian Shield is so gorgeous because of the rock formations at the sides & dividing the highway. Not only that, but people have built hundreds of "inukshuks" from rocks that greet you on the way :)

mini mouse!

big breakfasts are my FAVE. mmmm.

there are awesome rocks up there. The cliffs that look grey & slate black just have stripes & sections of white & pink quartz crystals peeking out.

doe, a deer!

glamping ;)

the boys caught a ton of crayfish in their minnow traps to use as live bait!

marinated cajun chicken, prosciutto wrapped asparagus & potatoes with onions and garlic.

gorgeous clouds

matt & i during the sunset!

I basically took today off to sort through the photos to post on facebook & to send to friends, but back to the grind tomorrow! Missed you, internets ♥!


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  1. that mouse peeking out from behind the tree is TOO CUTE!!

    p.s. glamping? haha! what an amazing term.

  2. is that bodysuit blackmilk? ♥♥

  3. looks like SO much fun! I love camping!! And talk about "roughing it" with the food...NOT haha you guys have like gourmet stuff going on there! 

  4. it was! it's usually one of the highlights of my summer :)
    hahah yeah, we carefully plan our menu so we have awesome 3 course dinners & giant breakfasts. I'm not built for "roughing it" so I try to make everything similar to the comforts at home ;) lol

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