Monday, August 15, 2011

211: jack & jill

This weekend I went to my first "jack & jill" party. They're sometimes called "stag & doe" or "buck & doe" or whatever, but basically it's a big drinking-fest held by a couple before their wedding to help raise funds for the big day! You pay a cover charge & then most of the profits come from drinks, playing casino games & buying raffles tickets for prizes.

It was Hawaiian Luau themed & was at a gorgeous backyard backing onto Lake Ontario. GORGEOUS. We had a blast & even won some prizes. Check out some pics:

Hawaiian stuff!

Matt & I are part of the wedding party so we were helping out all night

the gorgeous venue!

there were TONS of prizes. amazing job guys.

pulled pork, chicken, quinoa & sweet potatoes, tomato & mango salad, zucchini & yellow zucchini salad. omg delish.

Sam, Sue & Syl! Sue's the bride-to-be!
I've got my prize in hand, which was a pair of day passes to the Scandinavian Spa & Sam won the grand prize which was a friggin BBQ. WHAT THEEEE. hahaha and the whole time she was sad about not winning anything.


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  1. Thank you so so so much Syl! Thnx for making this a success! xo love uuuuuu
    PS You shoulda posted a pic of your tequila box!!!


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