Monday, August 8, 2011

206: birthday wishlist!

Every year before my birthday, I throw together a greedy little wishlist! This year I'm wickedly poor cause we're living on our own for-realsies so I really only need cash to pay my bills, but I thought I'd still put together a list for funsies :)

itec strapless the most amazing bra, for real. (32b!)
customized jewelry. so badass.
vintage moschino belt
contact lenses (seriously, i need some & they cost so much :( )
makeup forevs hd foundation 117, i think.
52mm close-up filters for macro photography
canon lens mug (don't get me this, it's just here for novelty. lol)
black classic toms, size 7
jeffrey campbell benched ♥
(don't get me anything sam! seriously.)

other things i want:
- a tattoo
- a plate of a million salmon rose sushis
- longer hair (or an expensive wig)
- abs (lol, won't happen with all the sushi)




  1. i would like abs for your birthday too.

  2. Happy Birthday!!  Wishing you all your hearts desire on your birthday and always.  Thank you so much for including MerCurios among your birthday gift picks.  We are honored to be a part of such a fab wish list.

  3. HAHAHA I was just goin to write that!

  4. BUT it's still fun to point out! No one is surprised ;)


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