Thursday, August 11, 2011

208: tributes

About a month ago, I first laid eyes on these gorgeous velour curved wedge heels by Alexander McQueen.

via ssense

I instantly fell in love, telling a friend that I would save money on everything just so I could get these & wear them on my wedding day. But at a price tag of $1050, I should probably have started saving a while ago.

Enter Jeffrey Campbell's new NIGHTWALK.

via solestruck

at $169.95, these inspired shoes are a pretty good substitute... but how do you feel about "knockoffs"?

Is it different buying a "designer inspired shoe" vs buying a "designer inspired purse"? and at what point does it stop being okay? For example: The JC Lita is inspired by a Charles Anastase boot... and then from a quick search on ebay, you can find tons of Lita knockoffs from Hong Kong. Is the unethical part when the knockoffs are being made for cheap in Asia?

Understandably, fashion works in a way that the trends kinda trickle down until you can find looks for cheaper & cheaper as they get older, so aren't knockoffs of ALL designs bound to happen? As a designer, I've been both copied and accused of copying other designers, but at what point can things be considered coincidence?

I could go on & on about the little guy knocking off the big guy & vice versa, but where is the line between inspiration and 'copying'?

I'm in no way knocking JC, you guys know that Sam & I are collectors & love their shoes to death, I just wanted some opinions!


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