Thursday, August 4, 2011

204: ORLY instant artist review

We were looking at buying a bottle of ORLY Instant Artist nail polish online & were trying to research it before buying. It was SUPER confusing because it seems that "instant artist" refers to a full set of nail art accessories that ORLY sells, so it was tough to figure out what this product was.

Basically, it's a nail polish with a striper brush instead of a regular applicator, so it's perfect for super-detailed drawing.

Sam started with a couple coats of ORLY cosmic girl

the striper brush is long & thin so it's easy to draw thin stripes-- but it's also really sensitive to shaky hands. I would compare it to a liquid liner brush.

I wanted to try out a complex design so I used this AA tribal printed dress as inspiration

It was pretty easy to control straight lines & dots, but curved lines were a bit more difficult. The nail polish is nice and opaque though so there's no need to go over designs twice.

basically, I just made a few stripes & then filled each row in with geometric patterns :)

I think the amount of detail you can achieve is awesome & so far I really like the instant artist polish... I'm thinking about getting a black one as well!

The same effect could be achieved if you bought a striper brush to use with all of your nail polishes, but this packaging makes cleanups easy. cool right?


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  1. If only my nails would look as good as yours everytime I paint them... I always make a complete mess lol

  2. what a great brush =D
    and good work on the detailed nails!

    love your rings, they just look marvelous :3

  3. i hate you for being so talented and creative ALL THE TIME.

    jk i love you. i check your blog daily! 


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