Tuesday, August 16, 2011

212: yoü and i

Today the video for Gaga's song yoü and i premiered (two days early!) & I lovelovelove it. I get really teary eyed when I hear her perform this song, LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT IT THOUGH. I pretty much died at how amazing the scene was with her & 'jo calderone', almost as perfect as her dancing with rick genest in born this way. ugh.

Anyway, I noticed the gorgeous leather harnesses in this scene & was wondering if they were made or inspired by Zana Bayne.

Luckily, Nicola Formichetti posted fashion credits on his blog & I was able to confirm that they were made by her! I'd been following Zana's store on etsy (called garbagedress) for a while & was wanting to buy a leather harness for FOREVER. I was just looking at her fall collection a few days ago, so I'm so happy to see her doing well with them because they're so amazing. here are my faves:

So gorgeous.
All can be found at the zana bayne leather online shop


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  1. :( it said that the video is private.... I think you post another one

  2. frig! i think they might have hidden it... it'll definitely be out by thursday though. :(

  3. Loved this. :) The outside/cornfield scene was actually filmed in my city! I felt bad because while she was here it was above 100 F degrees.


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