Friday, August 30, 2013

wardrobe essentials.

I'm back. My promises to continue blogging have been harder to keep than I thought they would be. I quickly realized that working a 40 hour work week and keeping up with fashion blogging is a huge commitment. Since I've been absent for so long though, I have endless things that I want to write about... And so many DIYs brewing in my mind.

In May, we moved. I'm currently living in a tiny Toronto loft space with my fiancé and it's been great. The commute to work is better & our area is beautiful and lively. The only drawback is that we lack space! With only 600sq feet for the two of us, we had to majorly purge our belongings before moving in.

About a month before moving, I began to comb out the excess from my wardrobe. Every few days after, I was able to filter out more and more bags of clothing until I eventually got rid of over 60% of my wardrobe. The things that I kept just for the sake of keeping & the things I told myself I would reconstruct but never did...

The act of purging myself of all that extra weight was so liberating. I actively made a choice to think differently about how I shop and what I want my wardrobe to look like. It's still a work in progress, but this is why you'll see me dressing more simply now. I'm building up my wardrobe basics in an effort to... dress effortlessly. Hah.

Swaychic asked us to pick an item to review & their site is so full of trendy, loud clothes. I love the energy and vibe of their brand (check out their instagram @swaychic, it's fun) but I found myself gravitating to the easy crop tops & eventually picked these disco pants. Style wise, they're the same high rise, shiny skinnies that American Apparel carries but they're made from the a thinner nylon spandex. I love that they're basically leggings but with a waistband, zipper fly and button closure-- there's no overly tight, uncomfortable elastic top. They're really easy to style; I wore them cuffed with ankle booties and a drapey tank. And I can see these being a wardrobe favorite throughout fall!

Aritzia Monceau Tank, c/o Swaychic It's Showtime Disco Pants Alexander Wang Kori Rosegold Boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Messenger Satchel, Rayban 5121 Wayfarers in Havana, F21 Feather Necklace.

I have plenty more to update you on, and hopefully soon. Go check out Swaychic & stay tuned (we have a new nail product to review soon)


  1. Happy to hear from you it's beem long time ...
    I loooove your hair! Is it home made or you go to a salon?
    How do you do to avoid "orange" bleach on asian hair?

    1. Thanks Kimchi!!

      I had it coloured at a salon by a close friend of mine! The "orange" colour is also called a "brassy" tone and can show up on any bleached hair, immediately or over time. To avoid this, typically you just have to "tone" it after bleaching. To maintain the more ashy blonde, you can also use toning shampoo (sometimes called blue or purple shampoo) :)


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