Monday, September 16, 2013

3.1 phillip lim x target canada

This weekend was the much anticipated release of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. On September 15th, the hashtag #philliplimfortarget flooded twitter at the strike of midnight. Americans had access to shop the collection online while they rolled out the goods on

I patiently followed the tweets because up here in Canada, we had to wait for the collection to hit the stores on Sunday morning. Target only opened in Canada less than a year ago, so this would be the first designer collection & I wasn't sure whether to expect an H&M designer collection camp-out or complete indifference.

Early in the morning Target Canada updated with a tweet that showed a significant lineup at an unknown store, so we decided to wait for the urgency to clear from the air before slowly sauntering over. After all, none of the Pashli-inspired handbags (priced $35-60) were on my wish list.

After arriving only about an hour and a half after the release, we found two sparse racks of merchandise in the women's section. Bags were completely gone, and most items were down to the final sizes. While my wish list had monochromatic basics and leather jackets on it, we ended up buying two of the flashiest prints in the collection. At $29.99 a pop (or boom?), why not? And with Target's great return policy, there's plenty of time to change your mind (and the potential for some second chances)

The Boom Sweatshirt, another version of Lim's "KA-POW" comic book print sweater, was the last on the rack in size Large. Definitely a lucky find.
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target boom sweatshirt
derek cardigan glasses, 3.1 phillip lim for target sweatshirt, jeffrey campbell raid wedges.

The leopard dress, in a size small is definitely a relaxed fit but a great addition to my fall work wardrobe with the long sleeves & mustard tone.
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target leopard dress
aldo beanie, rayban wayfarers, 3.1 phillip lim for target dress, jcrew factory necklace, marc by marc jacobs werdie messenger bag, alexander wang kori booties.

Unfortunately, when I look at the hashtag on Instagram now, it's completely saturated with bag hoarders who have decided to resell their finds immediately. So if you missed out, surely eBay will be handy for the next little while.

Did you lineup for the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection release? What did you end up picking up & how was your experience?


  1. I love the dress on you!! I was so tempted to get it but I wasn't sure I could pull of the print and that color does not work for my skin tone. Booo. I did pick up the black/white power line dress and some blouses online; can't wait until they come in.

  2. I love how both of these looks have a little of the unexpectant in there..with the cool graphics on the sweater and the beanie with the dress. Super cute!


  3. The dress looks wonderful on you! I'm definitely all for the boom sweater though.

  4. Love how you 'casj' up the whole outfit by a hat! And Sam, I love your shoes!

    Check me out?

  5. Just found your blog and I love it <3

  6. Like you, I couldn't be bothered to go when it was released because I figured there would be huge line ups. Not sure if that really happened here in Canada though. I keep meaning to go by a target and seeing if there are any leftovers still in stores. I read somebody was able to pick up some purse returns from this collection...

    1. I heard about some Canadian locations having line ups and selling out of handbags in a couple of minutes.
      I actually grabbed a mini satchel and men's leather jacket a couple of days after the release. I also found the men's oversized tote about a week later. :)


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