Monday, January 23, 2012

tutorial - chinese new year nails

Happy Lunar new year to all those out there celebrating this year! I went with a couple of pretty simple techniques for this manicure & I have a surprise at the end of the post for you too! Here's the look we're going for:

What you'll need:
- a base coat & top coat
- a red (opi mat-adore red)
- a golden yellow (la colors yellow)
- a makeup sponge
- a black nail art pen

start with a clear base & a couple coats of red, letting each coat dry in between. Let the colour completely dry before continuing.

then rip off a piece of your makeup sponge & apply some yellow onto it. Sponge the colour onto the tips of your nails in thin coats. For a full detailed tutorial for this ombre effect check out the post here

Use the sponge to do single thin coats of yellow. Build up your colour so it's darker at the tips & don't worry about the texture and the mess on your fingers.

Use a q-tip dipped in nail polish to clean up the yellow off the sides of your nails!

We just grabbed this nail art pen by sally hansen a couple weeks ago but never really tested it out yet.

Since it's in the form of a pen rather than a brush, the application is quite precise & really easy to handle. The formula is not supposed to go on bare nails or skin, so it's not the same consistency as actual nail polish. It's a bit more inky (watery) so I had to go over a couple of parts more than once.

On my nails, I wrote "Xin Nien Kwai Lo" (新年快乐) which means "happy new year"... but you can write other lucky sayings like "kung hay fat choi". YUP. Just let that dry and then swipe on a quick dry top coat in single, quick strokes.

There you go!

& just because it's the year of the dragon, I did a quick Chinese dragon on Sam's nails! (She's a dragon!)


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  1. Very cool!  I love Chinese New Years celebrations, they're so much fun.

  2. You guys are the coolest ever. Happy New Year!

  3. this is so awesome, amazing details!

  4. i already tweeted this to you but i have to say it again. I LOVE YOUR CHINESE HANDWRITING.

  5. happy new year you two lovely talented lasses!!!

  6. Hi! Where did you purchase that nail art pen. It looks like a marker to me (am I right?) The nail art pen that I have are normally with a needle. I think this one's better. I'm not from US so do you think it's available online? Thanks!

  7. wow the details on these are amazing! i love how in-depth you go, i can never get my nails like this! so cute

    love from San Francisco,


  8. I love all your nail tutorials! That dragon is pretty cool and I'll have to check out that nail pen :)


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