Friday, January 13, 2012

the x-out dress!

To recap our previous post about X-Out, we were contacted by the people at Guthy-Renker to participate in a reconstruction project. They contacted a bunch of Fashion, Style and DIY bloggers to reconstruct a plain white American Apparel dress. The idea was to take inspiration from the bottle & the product's manifesto. All the dresses will then be sold via eBay auction & all proceeds will be donated to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center... so we'll let you know when the sales start to happen ;)

The bottle, with a simple colour palette of purple, black & white

The white dress that was our blank canvas to work on!
We were asked to pick from 3 different American Apparel white dresses & I went with the one above. I've always been a huge fan of making clothes with major details focused on the back. Not being a very chesty girl, I like to think that showing some skin at the back is an unexpected type of sexy. It was an easy choice!

After about a dozen sketches with "X" inspired details, I ended up going with a fabric weaving along the inserted side panels. The panels are made from black, purple and blue bamboo rayon fabric & are just attached at the seams, so they're left to drape naturally-- taut where the dress hugs your curves & loosely towards the hem. Since X-Out is a product dedicated to confidence & putting your best face forward, I decided to go with elements of reconstruction that I experimented with when I first started t-shirt reconstructions. Way back in high school, I remember taking my first shirt & shredding a corner to basket weave in a contrasting fabric. I sloppily used fabric glue to give it structure & keep the fabrics in place. It was a bit of a hack job but I remember being so proud of my first clothing DIY that I still wore it around with proudly. Fashion and reconstruction of fashion has been my passion for so long because of the confidence it gives me to stand tall & face the world. All it takes is throwing on a new dress!

So what do you think? I can't wait to see what other bloggers participated & what their dresses looked like! I'll keep you up to date with when the dresses go up for auction. :)

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  1. That looks awesome!!! Great job!

  2. This looks amazing! I freakin' love what you did with the dress. I'm very partial to showing off a little back as well.

  3. super interesting i'm intrigued!

  4. wow it is frankly amazing! so well done (as usual!!!!) following you ladies.  love, alice.

  5. loving it! It's so much fun to see what everyone does. I did a dress for x-out too-- coming soon!

  6. you did an awesome job with that dress it looks amazing!

  7. I love what you did to yours! I played with leather and made a lbd...

  8. The dress came out great, I love it! I love how it is styled too. Great bun + dark lipstick. The 90's are alive... love your blog. I'm following xx

  9. WOW.  that dress looks amazing!! great great DIY!  lol i actually wish i cld purchase that

  10. so creative & talented!



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