Thursday, January 12, 2012

galaxies & night walks

Hey everyone, how's it going?! This is my first blog post of 2012 so I thought that I would make it a enjoyable one :)
I hope the new year has been good to you so far! It's been a busy January for us but all is well!

On that note - just thought that I would share some photos of Jeffrey Campbells as well as my amazing new Black Milk Rainbow Galaxy Leggings!!

Just to list my shoes...starting from the top right: Tapestry Foxy Fab, Raid Wedges, Leopard Pixie Fur, Velvet Lita, Black Suede Night Walk, Silver Glitter Lita, Tick NS, Blue Leather Lita, Black Suede Mary Roks, Clinic & Grey Suede Meeker

The AMAZING Night Walks.

So I thought that I would mention that my beautiful Rainbow Galaxy Leggings are my second Black Milk item that I own. I'm on a roll, one item per year! Last January Syl and I posted a Outfit photos (I think it was our second one ever)

I was wearing the Black Milk Ribs Swimsuit but mine is in a deep navy. Not black...though it seems like black in the photo. I love this swimsuit.

Anyways, are you a Black Milk and/or Jeffrey Campbell fan? If so, what do YOU own?!?

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  1. Those jeffs on your feet are the ones of my dream : )

  2. I love those Black Suede Night Walk's. But I have a question are they easy to walk in. I was thinking of buying a pair but I'm not sure how I'd manage without it having a heel.

  3. They're not impossible to walk in but I have difficulty with stairs. It makes me nervous...but on flat surfaces it's easier than I thought. However - if you walk on the street, side walk or any uneven surface (grass is probably the worst)'s when you need someone to hold your hand or arm. ;)

  4. wait i am OBSESSED with your leggings!! and your shoe collection is so incredible i am envious ;)

  5. Those leggings are absolutely gorgeous! Once I lose the weight I've put on over the past year I want to buy something from Black Milk - at the moment I don't think I'd fit into their stuff. :(

  6. Nice wedges and i think she has great collection of heels that look really nice.I think she has kept this heels according to her dresses

  7. OHH EEMM GEE! I'm jealous of your Raid Wedges. I was away for military duty and couldn't get them!! They have haunted me ever since. But I love your JC collection. I love Black Milk too, I've always just admired. I don't think I have it to pull it off. We'll see this year!

  8. I am in complete envy of this shoe collection..Jeffrey Campbell is one of my favorite shoe designers

  9. So much Jeffrey Campbell!!!!
    *drool* <3
    I'm in heaven!! LOL!

    xoxo, maria

  10. Do you still want to sell the blackmilk leggings and swimsuit because i would buy them!! :D

  11. Thanks hun!!
    I think the raids are one of my favourites. Maybe they'll pop up again someone online! :(

  12. I have a pair of Lita's in pewter leather and a pair of tardy's in black.  <3 them.  no black milk as of yet but seriously craving EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE.

  13. Do you still need to sell the other leggings? Xx


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