Monday, January 16, 2012

tutorial - polka dotted nails

It's manicure monday! Today's tutorial is going to be a pretty simple one. However, simple doesn't necessarily mean quick! It was a bit time consuming but the results are cute. I do admit that I needed a bit of help from Sylvia in the process but it was mainly for little things like...opening nail polish bottles that I didn't think of opening ahead of time!

So here is the look we're going for!

Syl & I looked around the house and found some random objects. Toothpick, dull pencil, dressmaking pin and paint brush. Basically pointy items of differing sizes...You can use as many tools as you would like. I used four but ended up with seven different colours of nail you could probably imagine how many times I had to wipe my tools of the excess nail polish

Get some nail polish to dab on to a sheet of paper to prepare for dipping

You can test each tool to see if you're happy with it's "stamping" ablity and to test the size of the dots

Base coat and then coat your nails with your favourite nail polish. I decided to work with white but any light or maybe even dark colour will work!

These are the colours that I decided to stamp my nails with (excluding the white).

I don't have photos of the step by step stamping but basically dip and stamp all ten nails one or two times. Then move onto the next tool & colour. Continue until you're happy with the density and placement of the dots. Don't get too excited and create a big pallate of colours; work with one colour at a time because you don't want to work with half-dried polish.

This is my final result! I didn't want to stamp too much or little but don't be afraid to overlap some dots! Don't forget to top coat your spottie dottie nails!

Simple, fun...slightly time consuming. But cute!!

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  1. I was gonna paint my nails tomorrow & now I know what I'm going to attempt to do : )

  2. this is such a fun and creative look! thanks for sharing :)


  3. No problem but thanks for reading!

  4. lots of fun what a wonderful idea I really have to try this out :)

  5. oh this is really adorable! :) love it!!  

    first time checking out the site.. love all the idea u have! 

  6. Yeah! You should give it a try for sure!

  7. Thanks for checking out our blog! xoxo

  8. Love this tutorial! Did it, maybe too many dots and then did an accent nail. 


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