Thursday, January 12, 2012

tutorial - diy blanket poncho

Wanna learn how to turn a blanket into a cozy winter accessory without looking like you're wearing a snuggie outside? Check out our fun & easy tutorial this week on the Chictopia blog! or follow along below:

- a large blanket
- scrap paper & pencil
- bowl and ruler (for tracing)
- fabric scissors
- sewing machine (optional)

[ GET ] – This is a ridiculous step, but it’s here anyway! Get yourself a blanket! Go buy a cute one or use one you already have— mine’s from Old Navy! An ideal size is about a 60 inch square.

[ DRAW PATTERN ] – Grab some scrap paper and create a stencil. The easiest thing to do is to use a round object (I used a bowl) and a ruler to make the cut-out shape. This will be the part that goes around your neck! The length of the cutout should be about half of the width of the blanket (so in my case, about 30 inches)

[ CUT PATTERN ] – Cut out your stencil.

[ FOLD ] – Fold the blanket in half lengthwise & place the stencil at the center on the folded blanket.

[ CUT FABRIC ] – Pin the pattern on if you want to be precise & then use sharp fabric scissors to cut out the shape. Make sure that you only cut ONE layer of the folded fabric… if you’re worried about making a mistake, pin the pattern on & unfold the blanket.

[ TOPSTITCH ] – This step is optional if the fabric you use is either a knit or a fleece— these fabrics don’t tend to fray when cut. But if you use a woven fabric, roll the hem and topstitch so that your edges stay neat!

Now wear out your blanket with pride & stay warm while looking hot!


  1. Haha, that's really cute. I'll have to try it for Winter.

  2. wooooooooooooow pretty poncho!!!! *_*



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