Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tutorial - tape manicure

Hi guys!

Please excuse our lack of posts (especially tutorials) over the holidays! It's been a crazy busy time for us & it's definitely one time of year that we really take some time to spend with family & friends. We're hoping to get back on track now & I just wanted to share an easy manicure technique today! It's quite similar to our half moon manicure but you can try more variations with this method! Here's the look we're going for:

you'll need:
- base coat polish
- any colour nail polish (I used OPI louvre or louvre me not)
- a contrasting colour nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Lilac)
- quick dry top coat
- tape

Start with a coat of base coat & a couple coats of your main colour. Make sure that this coat is *completely* dry before continuing! seriously, be patient!

Grab a couple pieces of tape

Then take the two pieces and form a triangle shape at the base of your nail

and then paint a couple of thin coats onto the nail

Let it dry a bit & peel off the tape!

An alternate method is to use a single piece of tape (cut it with scissors to get a clean edge) and cover the base of the nail and paint the rest of the nail. Got it?


Do the same to the rest of your nails & finish with your quick dry top coat!

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  1. This is a really cute idea! And it reminds me that I really need to paint my nails again, lol.

  2. Hi syl!, just dropping by to with u and Sam and ur families a happpppppy new year :D... Good luck in 2012:), will keep supporting u guys :).

    P.S..... Love the post where u made the chocolate balls omg it looks so yummy and so pretty. Looks so good that u can probably sell it!.. Awesomeness^^


  3. I remember using tape to do my nails when i was 12... funny how things come back after all these years. 

    I like how you alternated the colours on the ring finger! try sticking the tape to your hand a few times before putting it on the nail, it helps prevent it from peeling the polish off

  4. Ah they look fabulous! Great work! About to try it now :)

  5. me encanta :D uds dos son lo maximo las amo :D


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