Tuesday, March 20, 2012

business as usual

Hey guys,
We've been claiming to be REALLY busy for the past few weeks but we haven't really elaborated on what we've been actually up to! We've taken on a few extra projects in relation to our fashion line and we've also been trying our best to not be such home-bodies & getting outside & doing things. I hope that in the next couple of weeks we can catch you up on where we've been :)

To start, I wanted to tell you about one specific project we've been working on.
A group of students from McMaster University (my alma mater!) asked if they could focus on our business for a Master's level entrepreneurship project. We completed a quick interview over email & then they asked us if we would like to go into their class to speak about our unique business! We were so flattered but were a bit nervous about speaking to an MBA level class about business. We lack a background in business and aren't great public speakers either but after speaking on the phone with Dr. Honig, we felt much more comfortable. He reassured us that entrepreneurs are so accustomed to talking about themselves and their companies that we would surely be able to speak to the class for a full hour.

So a few weeks back, Samantha & I threw on some trendy blazers & went to speak at a university lecture :)
It went well & the students asked us lots of questions about L&B. & no one was mean to us. haha
Plus, we received two lovely leather folders as a commemorative gift. Thank you Dr. Honig!

Currently, the students are working with us to give us some form of a business consultation & recently came to our studio for a meeting, armed with a half dozen cupcakes for us!

They weren't just any cupcakes either! They're from Westdale Cupcakes in my old area when I used to live in Hamilton ♥

I just wanted to give you guys a quick primer on what we're doing right now because I'll be asking for a bit of help in our next post! In return for the favour though, we're already doing another giveaway so keep an eye out!

Thank you all so much for always reading & commenting!
and thanks to the students at Mac that are working with us right now to improve our business :)

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  1. This is so cool wongs! Way to suit up
    Aw those cupcakes make me miss westdale

  2. I wouldn't mind who was showing up, so long as they brought those cupcakes! Sounds like things are exciting for your business.

  3. aww, LOVE you dotty. Thanks for reading :)!!

  4. haha, what if I was coming over to rob you but brought those cupcakes in exchange? ;) yes, things are moving forward for us, so we're excited!! thanks for helping by doing the survey too! xo


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