Monday, March 5, 2012

tutorial - faux bois manicure

Yes yes, we were slacking with the lack of manicures lately, so we're gonna ease back in with an easy & cute one! We're going for a faux bois (fake wood!) look:

what you'll need:
- base coat and matte top coat
- a brown or taupe nail polish
- a black nail art pen

Start with a coat of a clear base coat & a couple coats of your taupe. Let each coat dry in between!

After letting those coats dry thoroughly, use your nail art pen & start drawing oblong circles, those are your "knots" in the wood! Keep drawing concentric circles.

Then draw lines that hug around your "knot"

Do the same to all of your nails, making one or two "knots" on each nail

Finish with a matte topcoat!

& that's it!

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  1. Beauty!! Looks like Josh's phone case ;) ;)

  2. How creative! I'm not sure if I'll be able to draw using my left-hand though. 

  3. aweseme tutorial! i wish i had the patience to do something like this, or the skill, but i'd screw it up too instead i'll just drool over yours :)


  4. Oh I love this!  I've been wanting to do wood grain for a while! Love it!


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