Monday, February 20, 2012

Vivienne Tam Fall/Winter 2012 at MBFW

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Our Chictopia Editors meetup was a bit smaller than it was originally supposed to be. While there were 4 of us there, we were missing Amethyst, our Editor in Chief & Heather aka headbandit.

Samantha & Monique aka PetiteAvenue. They're both equally petite, if you ask me ;)

Samantha & Odelia aka Looney Lovegood

Sam & Syl, Monique & Odelia.
We went over to the Starbucks nearest the Lincoln Center to grab a couple of drinks & to get acquainted with each other. It was really interesting talking to these girls cause we were all in NYC for the same reasons-- we have the common ground of being fashion/style bloggers but we all come from different places in North America. We were all such chatterboxes too, so we hit it off great :)

we had a good laugh at this spelling, tbh.

petite princesses~

you're a doll monique! go check out her blog!

We were supposed to go see the NOMIA presentation at 6:30 (just before the Vivienne Tam show) but the presentation started late & we couldn't miss the next show, so we had to dash :(


Not to overshadow the brilliance of this dress but in the background of this picture are: Bebe Neuwirth, Russell Simmons and someone's pet pomeranian in front row! ahaha

A beautiful collection of understated Asian influences! Looking to Mongolia and Nepal for inspiration, the fall/winter layers and warm furs were nothing short of luxurious.

For more photos of the collection and a review of the show, check out Vivienne Tam Fall/Winter 2012 at

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

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  1. Oh hey!! I finally have time to upload some pics & glad to see you guys did too! I might steal some of these ;)

    Hope to see you ladies soon!


  2. looks like a lot of fun!

    I was just curious though, I was reading some old posts and your Joseph Marc clear round glasses look so cool! Do you mind me asking for your pupillary distance? I'm curious if they'll look too ridiculously big on my face or not. Also, do you have any links to posts where you're wearing them? I only saw the picture in this post-

  3. Hi Alice, 
    My PD is the average! 63, I think? I really don't love those clear round ones though-- the nose part is slim & since I don't really have a nose bridge, it squishes my nostrils & looks SO silly! I eventually bought a pair of Derek Cardigan 7004s in clear & they're more flattering :)


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