Monday, February 20, 2012

Lars Andersson Fall/Winter 2012 at NYFW

We had a huge gap between shows on Tuesday, so we decided to fit in all of the super-hustle-bustle tourism stops that we wanted to fit in.

times square

nbc studios

the observation deck at the top of 30 rock

We had gotten used to shows starting about 15 to 20 minutes late and presentations going on for longer than they were scheduled for, so when it was time to head over to the Lars Andersson Presentation at the Soho Grand, we ended up pushing it a bit late, especially since it was super FAR from our hotel.


We had really pushed it though & by the time we had told our names to the doorman, raced up a spiral staircase & sidestepped through a crowd, we only caught a glance at the collection for about two minutes & then the models walked away.

Despite missing much of the show, we were still able to take in the environment. The venue was gorgeously opulent and everything about the setting, lighting, guests and the collection was gloriously gothy. Everyone & everything was so dark and moody that it was intimidatingly cool.

& then we hurried back to the hotel to get ready to go to another show at the Lincoln Center

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

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