Monday, February 6, 2012

tutorial - chocolate covered strawberry nails

So I was trying to think up a cute Valentine's Day themed nail for this monday & I really wanted to stay away from the pink+red+hearts obviousness... I ended up thinking about the food (particularly the candies & chocolates) of V-day & I figured I'd paint up my favourite romantic treat-- chocolate covered strawberries :)

Here's the look we're going for:

You'll need:
- base coat nail polish
- any red nail polish
- any bright green nail polish
- a chocolatey brown nail polish
- a white nail polish & striper brush
- quick dry top coat
- toothpick

Start with a base coat & a couple coats of red polish

Next, take your green polish and either use a tooth pick or striper brush to paint the "leaves". With a toothpick, I just dabbed about 4 or 5 points at the base of the nail to form the strawberry hat :)

The take your chocolatey brown & paint the tip of the nail. This doesn't have to be a super straight line, as real chocolate covered strawberries aren't perfect either!

Then take your white polish & a striper brush and make little seeds all over the red that is still showing.

& there you go! Valentines-y & kitschy without being too obvious of a reference to the day we all love to hate (or love to love?)!

and while we're on the topic of delicious Valentines treats... we're going to be doing a quick Valentines giveaway this week, so check back soon & enter to win something delish!


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  1. Your nail tutorials never cease to amaze me and this is no exception! If I do this on my nails, I might want to start biting them again, lols :P

  2. That's adorable. The brown chocolate detail adds quite a spin to it, hah

  3. Is this expressing the chocolate dip of a strawberry? ...Cute :)It seems to be easy! 


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