Friday, February 10, 2012

prepping for MBFW

So as most of you guys know, we're being sent to NYC this week c/o Chictopia & we're covering a bunch of shows as we attend them! We're going to primarily be posting on the Everybody is Ugly blog & we'll also be tweeting, instagramming & blogging about our own outfits here!

I was so beyond excited when I first found out that it's been hard to process my emotions! I flip flop between complete indifference (because the reality hasn't sunken in yet) and moments of complete panic when I realize the number of designers, models & celebs I'll be breathing the same air as! hahaha.

We just received our schedule of what shows we'll be going to & I wanted to show you guys so you know what you'll be getting updates about!

all photos and graphics courtesy of

For a full schedule of times & locations check out the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site. I'm off to continue packing (aka surfing the internet for inspiration while occasionally typing a random word onto my packing list on excel. oh god, I'm never going to finish.)


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