Friday, February 17, 2012

Negarin Fall/Winter 2012 at MBFW

At the big tent at the Lincoln Center, there's 4 main "rooms" within that stage each of the shows.
The runway shows happen in STUDIO, STAGE and THEATRE (in order from smallest to largest in terms of seating). and one smaller room called BOX that houses presentation shows.

We had never been to a fashion presentation before, but they exhibit for about an hour or an hour and a half-- and if you're lucky & your runway show lets out just at the right time, they invite you to come take a look at what they have showing in BOX! We had just stepped out from the Jenny Packham show & decided to check out Negarin.

Unfortunately, this last minute drop-in meant that we didn't read anything about the designer previously & the leaflet didn't provide much information about the inspirations for the collection. It was trippy walking into a room full of living mannequins-- it's really cute that the models spot you taking photos & will pose just for you! I found myself taking a picture, bringing my camera away from my face & then giving them a smile and a silent "thank you" & getting cute smiles back :)


Sam getting interviewed after the show? I have no idea by who & about what.

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

more soon.

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