Monday, February 20, 2012

Norisol Ferrari Fall/Winter 2012 at MBFW

Tuesday started off with us being SUPER tired. We polished off two bottles of red at dinner the night before, not thinking about the fact that we still had to write some articles about our shows. It resulted in a VERY slow writing process (while watching late night sitcoms all night) and then sleeping in a bit in the morning.

neon fishtail dress by lipgloss and black; dany platform sandals by jessica simpson; leather motojacket from ub; leather driving gloves from le chateau; prescription wayfarers from zennioptical; purse from aldoshoes; pashmina borrowed from sam.

drapey black dress by lipgloss and black; leatherette jacket from H&M; rainbow galaxy leggings from black milk; clinic wedges from jeffrey campbell; purse from aldo.

Thankfully our first show was a presentation & it stays open for about an hour and a bit so you can just drop in. & luckily we made it too because this was one of our favourites:


For more photos of the collection and an article about the show, check out Norisol Ferrari Fall/Winter 2012 at

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

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  1. Ey girls! I didn't have the pleasure 2 introduce myself at the NY FW... I saw u there and now that I found your BLOG I can tell you that u know how to rock! jeje... Love all your outfits!
    I hope that you can look at my BLOG and tell me what do u think about it! XOXO

    PS. I'm starting 2 following u 


  2. You ladies look fabulous as always!! Love the black ensembles with the pop of color. 

  3. amazing! obsessed with that neon and the galaxy print leggings <3

  4. You guys are just too damn fab - love the leggins & the neon fishtail dress!

  5. Love your dresses! Are you guys going to add them to your shop?

  6.  i am dying for that neon dress. also dying for that bustier/bra (does it come with??)!

  7. thanks so much! we're verrrryyyyy slowly trying to embrace colours in our wardrobes ;)

  8. we're going to try to add our new spring stuff soon! & yeah, it'll be similar pieces to what we wore to fashion week ;)

  9. the original plan was that they were separates (probably will make more of each for our shop), but I sewed them together for myself to make it easier to wear ;) haha

  10. lol, I feel you! I have so much black in my wardrobe, as well. I like the gothic look on myself, as I think I look more serious in black. I've been trying to add more colors to my collection for years.


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