Monday, June 6, 2011

146: super remdeption weekend

Hey everyone!
I just thought that I would share a photo of my exciting shopping trip yesterday!

So I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to take advantage of a rare Super Point Redemption Weekend. For those of you who don't know what Shoppers Drug Mart is; it's one of the biggest pharmacies in Canada. They have a free point collecting program for their customers called Optimum Points and I love it!

I went with the aim of looking for $200 worth of goods because I was ready to use 80,000 of my points to spend. SDM was offering the opportunity of redeeming 80,000 towards $200 as opposed to the usual 95,000 for $170. I wasn't going to miss out at all!

Here's what I got yesterday:

Everything in this photo is worth about $240 before taxes.

If you read one of my past entries about my love for couponing...I used about $35 worth of coupons in combination with redeeming 80,000 points for $200 worth of items.

It cost me $30 (taxes need to be paid by customer and it's 13% in Ontario)

I'm very happy with what I got because unlike shows like Extreme Couponing it's very hard to get free items around here!

Do you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart and take advantage of Optimum points? Or stores similar to SDM with point programs?

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