Monday, June 13, 2011

153: cargo lash activator night review

I know that like myself, there are a lot of gals out there that are looking to get fuller, longer lashes. We all go through crazy mascara routines & I've even experimented with semi-permanent eyelash extensions, which I loved. I had never tried any eyelash growth formulas though!

I was recently doing one of my cousin's makeup & she told me about Cargo's Lash Activator Night.

She had a full & unused tube and offered to let me have it to try out. She wasn't even really sure about what it did, so I was excited to research the product online before I gave it a shot. Here's the description I found:

LashActivator, the innovative lash boosting mascara/primer that's become an international sensation is now available in a revolutionary clear night conditioner to give women even more of what they want-- long, sexy eyelashes.
LashActivator Night is a revolutionary nighttime elixir clinically proven to stimulate lashes at the lash bed for visibly longer, fuller and more lush lashes. Designed to be worn overnight, this clear elixir is proven to promote vitality and reduces lash loss. The safe, non-irritating formula shows a 169% improvement over natural growth rates over a 30-day period. It stimulates the microcirculation of the lash follicles, promotes lash vitality and provides better anchorage of lashes to the eye lids minimizing lash loss. (can be worn day or night)
How it works:
Lash follicles go through three stages: growth phase (lashes grow), transitional phase (lashes stop growing), and rest phase (lashes shed). As we age the rest phase increases, therefore shortening the growth phase. This multi-faceted lash-enhancing complex improves the quality of the growth phase while delaying the onset of the rest phase.

Three Ways to Boost Your Lashes:
Apply overnight as a lash enhancing elixir.
Apply as a primer with your favorite Cargo mascara.
Apply LashActivator Night together with LashActivator for visibly excellerated results!

That's a lot of claims! Apparently this formula works miracles, so I figured that I would give it a try for 30 days.

It's pretty simple-- you just apply it before you go to bed each night. I found the formula to be a bit watery, so it took a bit of time for it to dry.

Here are the before & after results:


DAY 30

In my photos, I'm not wearing any mascara or eye makeup in either & the difference is hardly noticeable at all. Even when I have the photos on my computer & I flip back and forth between them, I just see the tiiiiiniest bit of growth & maybe a couple extra lashes in there. Maybe my lashes are healthier or more voluminous, but the results on my naked lashes is barely worth the effort.

On the other hand, they suggest that this elixir can be used as a primer for your lashes. When I tried it out with my regular makeup routine, I found that the watery formula just straightened out my eyelashes that I just painstakingly curled. The liquid is so wet that even if it did help add length or volume, it didn't matter cause it made my lashes droop down :(
BUT! I found that when I used it each night, it must have been leaving a bit of a coat on my lashes. Without any changes to my eye makeup routine otherwise, I did notice that my lashes began looking longer when my mascara was applied. So I suppose it worked as a primer.... that you apply 12 hours before you do your makeup?

Would I buy it again? nope.
Will I finish using this free tube? yupperz.

I know some of you have asked me for an eye makeup tutorial... are you guys interested in my makeup adventures for real? Cause I can post my old eyelash extension tutorial and stuff if you want! haha, let me know.


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  1. i'd love to hear about more makeup adventures! <3

  2. Do they sell Jane cosmetics around where you live? I have some Jane mascara that I love that makes a big difference, however, it is hard to find around here. It makes a lot bigger difference than fake lashes even do.


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