Monday, June 20, 2011

159: homecoming

Ever since we've moved, we haven't done any outfit posts! I'm sure you guys have seen that they've been missing. It's been partially because we've been being a bit bummy at home lately & partially because it's kinda weird trying to figure out where to take pictures in our super close-quartered suburban area. We're gonna have to eventually get over being watched by strangers while taking pics-- I think that's something all style bloggers need to face at some point though ;)

This weekend we were home for father's day & so we got to take some good ol' outfit pics back in the yard again. I was so happy to see the garden had filled out entirely-- in the summers, I loved to spend hours watering the flowers, photographing them & just spending time sitting in my parents yard enjoying the sun.

a peony :)

sun hat from ardene, prescription sunglasses from zenni, jumpsuit from h&m, shoes from jessica simpson.

Let's hope that this is the start to some summer outfit posts again!


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