Sunday, June 26, 2011

163: goodbye shoeboxes

Since I've been keeping my pretty shoes stored in shoeboxes all Winter - I've decided to finally sort them out. I don't have many options so I decided to store them on a shelf of mine. I'm not completely sure if I will just leave them on the shelf or if I should figure something else out. Whatever...I'm pretty happy with set-up...for now =)

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  1. oh my god. Amazing.

    btw, are you felling better now?


  2. I'm incredibly jealous of that shoe collection!

    Is that an ear cuff I spot? (and if so, did you make it & will they be for sale?)

  3. love your collection! all those Jeffrey Campbells <33

  4. I have my shoes on a shelf after taking them out of there boxes and I noticed they get dusty really fast. So back in the boxes they go!

  5. Wow, I would so break my neck in most of those shoes.

  6. I saw an awesome shoe storage idea and immediately thought of you;  I don't have cool enough shoes to do it.  You already have a similar shelf in your studio, so, bonus!...

    IKEA sells those cubbies in several different sizes.

  7. aww thanks for thinking of us! that does look awesome!

    i thought about it before (because we actually have those ikea expedit shelving units all over our house) but our collections of shoes expand past the extent of the shelves. hahah ;)


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