Tuesday, June 28, 2011

166: bohemia

Recently, we had an interviewer named Holly contact us from a new online publication called Bohemia Magazine. She wanted to have an interview with us in person, so we were excited to have her & a photographer come to our new studio for a quick chat & some photos.

Check us out-- TOTALLY hard at work even while people were trying to interview us. hahah

photos by Kalynn Friesen

The interview turned out really cute & I loved it... but maybe that's because it was about me, lol. Take a look at the full article here! Shout outs in the article to our LJ & myspace peeps from back in the day! ;)

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ps, I've finished my antibiotics & my sinus cold is pretty much gone now! I feel good as new! thanks for asking, you wonderful angels!!! ;)

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