Tuesday, June 21, 2011

161: garden fresh

My friends & family sometimes laugh at me because I have the very grandmotherly hobby of gardening in the summer. I'm not the greatest with flowers and landscaping, I'm really talking about vegetable gardening. I find the greatest satisfaction in growing my own vegetables and herbs & then cooking up awesome meals with my organic goods :) When you know just a couple of tricks on pruning, fertilizing & when to water, you can really end up with a great yield in the late summer & into the fall!

This year Matt & I started up a mini garden patch in our backyard. In it, we're growing some different tomatoes (cherry, yellow pear, & beefsteak) and some brussel sprouts. And on our porch we have pots with some hot peppers (jalapenos, cayennes & habaneros) and some herbs (basil, chives & parsley). We don't get a ton of sun because of some mature trees covering our yard but we're still hopeful.

So after a late spring planting, here are some pics of how things look on the first day of summer! I'm not sure how interesting this is to other people... but for me, it's amazing just watching how my food grows :)

basil grown from seed! Smells SO good :)

cayennes starting to show up!

yellow pear tomatoes on the vine

We just transplanted this raspberry plant from my old garden & I really didn't expect any fruits this year, but I'm so happy to see that they're coming back! As long as the squirrels don't get to them first.

Do you garden in the summer?! What's your favourite easy-to-grow plant? (Mine's raspberry!)


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ps, a happy birthday to my bff Jenn!!! It's always easy to remember her big day cause it's the first day of summer & the longest day of the year! Enjoy all the sunlight lovelies!

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  1. Glad you mentioned me, but you are the one who has done 95% of the work!


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