Tuesday, June 14, 2011

155: tutorial - eyelash extensions

READ THIS: THIS IS AN OLD TUTORIAL FROM MY OLD BLOG! The photos & text below are OLD but the instructions still apply. I just wanted to share this tutorial with you because it's something fun & easy to do! So here it is:

I figured since I was going to do this anyway-- I might as well take pics while I did it :) My pics are a bit hack & I was low on lashes but hopefully this ends up being somewhat helpful.

First of all, here's a short explanation on what I'm doing!
Instead of strip lashes, which are typically stuck on with strip lash glue & can be removed at the end of the night, I discovered individual lashes. These are lashes that are stuck on with a semi-permanent adhesive (that can be removed with the special remover solution). I have found that they're much more comfortable than strip lashes because they are stuck onto your actual lashes rather than on the skin of your eyelid. Anyway, these are a more long term solution for those of us with short, sparse lashes because these stay glued to your lashes until your real lashes fall out.

Here's my own before & after:

Now let's move onto the how-to!

What you'll need:
- tweezers
- ardell lashtite lash glue for individual lashes (in clear)
- individual lashes (they come in small clusters & I typically buy ardell "short black flare") but these quo ones are comparable.
- magnifying mirror (if you need it!)
- a steady hand & patience, if it's your first time!

First thing you do is grab your tweezers & carefully pick up a cluster of lashes. Then take the knotted end & dip it into the glue.

On the instructions, they advise you to dump some glue out onto a piece of foil so dipping is easier, but I've found that to be a bit wasteful because the glue dries quickly! I just tip my little vial of glue to the side & dip in the knot.

Now you should have a small bead of glue on the end of the lashes! and nooooo glue on your tweezers (or the lashes will stick to your tweezers instead of on you!)

People always ask if you should put the lashes on top or under your lashes... my answer is: in BETWEEN! There's tons of rows of lashes when you look really closely... so take the dipped lash cluster & stick it in the center part of your eye (I just start in the centre cause... I dunno why.)

Once you've gently placed the lash amongst your real lashes, take your tweezers and give your lashes surrounding the cluster a *squeeze*. This will press your lashes to the bead of glue so that it's stuck in there.. but make sure to avoid squeezing the glue (or the tweezers will just lift the cluster away)

You'll want to try and get the glob of glue touching as many of your lashes as possible. This will ensure that the cluster stays on your lashes more securely, for longer & it will anchor it in place better so it doesn't twist around.

Just work your way to the outer corner of your eye, one cluster at a time.

You'll notice that you may have left gaps, but you can always throw in more clusters! Typically I have used anywhere between 9 to 15 clusters on each of my eyes, it just depends on how full you want your lashes to look in the end!
[disclaimer: I'm a bit stupid & continued doing this even though I only had 13 clusters left so this turned out a bit sparse, but I'll likely grab more lashes tomorrow]

Anyways, that's my mostly done lashes... (clearly, there's some emptier areas but I'm sure you get the point!)
You can buy different lengths of lashes-- & stick the shorter ones towards the inner corner of your eye, but I usually buy one length & then trim the ones in the inner corner very carefully :)

After that-- you're done!

side view!

Then just throw on your makeup & skip the mascara step!!

In the past, I've put on my lashes & then lost about one cluster every 2 or 3 days. When that happens, I just take a new cluster & glue it in its place! With that system-- I've managed to keep eyelash extensions in for about 4 months! haha
You just have to remember not to rub your eyes & it may take getting used to when washing your face or showering.

- long, thick, curled lashes ALWAYS
- saves you time & money on mascara application
- no mascara smudgies or racoon eyes!
- unlike strip lashes, you can't feel them on

- you can NOT rub your eyes. You risk ripping them out! It only takes a couple of days to get used to being gentle around your eyes though... the most difficult times are when you're showering & when you're waking up.
- they cannot be removed without the proper solution. If you feel like pulling them out, your lashes are gonna go too
- eye makeup removal can be tricky. You have to work gently & you cannot use cream or oil based removers.

These might not be for everybody since some might think they're high-maintenance but whenever I have the time, I love to 'install' a set to feel just a bit more glam :)


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  1. Well done,i'll show it to my best friend,she will be happy :) I have long lashes naturally so i wear mascara only.


  2. Yay, I was actually looking for this post the other day!

  3. Well done,i'll show it to my best friend,she will be happy :) I have long lashes naturally so i wear mascara only.



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