Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tutorial - Beetlejuice Manicure

So today's tutorial is for a striped nails but they're not just for Halloween...seriously. Quite simple and you could fully mix-up the colour combinations!

Here's the look. Just black & white stripes.

What you'll need:
-White Nail Polish
-Black Nail Polish
-Quick Dry Top Coat

Paint one coat of white nail polish. Do a second coat when the first coat is dry.

Cut thin strips of tape. It's all up to you whether you would like super thin or thick stripes. I opted for 5 stripes per nail which means two pieces of tape per finger.

I snipped the tape lengthwise rather than widthwise because the tape wasn't wide enough for my nails.

Ensure that your nails are completely dry otherwise the tape may damage your base colour.
Apply the tape to your nail and try to keep an even distance. With light pressure, rub the tape to remove air bubbles

Repeat on all fingers

Apply black nail polish between tape

When your black nail polish is dry, remove tape carefully


If necessary, remove nail polish from skin

Apply quick dry top coat

Complete, pretty striped nails!

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