Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tutorial - The Dexter Manicure

I've been watching season 8 of Dexter lately so that I can finally watch the rest of the series. With my Dexter marathons and Halloween sneaking up on us; I couldn't help but be inspired to paint my nails bloody. I think I shall call these the Dexter Manicure! We've done a tutorial on blood splatter nails but this time we're going to do a dripping blood look.

This is the look we're going for

You will need:
-White Nail Polish
-Red Nail Polish (preferably with a thin brush. Not necessary though)
-Quick Dry Top Coat
-Cotton Swab

Paint nails white, I had to do 2 coats

You don't need to use white but the contrast of white & red are my favourite

Paint drips as long thin or thick lines

Alternate in drip lengths

Paint the tips of your nails like a french manicure

I decided to keep the tips thin so there there would be a good amount of space for the splatter effect

Randomly dot your nails to begin to add a splatter look

Take the cotton swab and lightly dab randomly to give it even more splatter. Make sure your nails are dry and then apply top coat.

There you have it! Spooky bloody nails & Crystal Head Vodka ;)

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