Friday, October 18, 2013


I posted about the bat costume that I custom made yesterday and I was able to snap some photos today to throw it up in our shop. I really like the wetlook wings in this version :)

Bat necklace by me, Bat Winged Dress and Thigh Garters by Lipgloss & Black, Jeffrey Campbell Back Off booties

Love these wings


Got my trick or treating bag ready!

Halloween is nearing! Hope you've all got your costumes ready!

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  1. I love the wet look leather on them too. I have a suggestion for next year, it would be awesome if you made some removable wings for your shop. There could be shoulder straps (in additional to the wrist straps) to keep them in place. I know it would cheapen the look a bit, however, it would be a nice option for those of us above a size large; also, it would allow people to customize the look more with any black clothes they own. I am sure there is already plenty of removable bat wings on the market, but I doubt any as cool as yours would be.

    1. It's funny that you suggest that because I just completed a custom order the other day for just bat wings. They turned out really awesome too! :)


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