Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Skeleton Hand Cut Out

So I was fulfilling some Skull Cut Out Sweatshirt orders when I thought...I need a new cut out. Why not skeleton hands? I've seen them printed on tanks and tees so I tested it out. I drew up my own skeleton hand...which is cute but not very accurate. haha! Doesn't matter, I'm pleased with the results and I've already thrown it up on Etsy.

Skeleton Hand Cut Out Tee by lipglossandblack with Negative Anatomist Leggings and Jeffrey Campbell Gold Toe Homg Platforms

Skeleton Hand Cut Out Tee by lipglossandblack with white tank top

It's a new cut out design but you can still refer to the 12 ways to wear a skull cut-out tee post for styling tips!

BTW, if you want one...visit the listing: here. Just a friendly reminder that I posted a 10% off promo code on our blog the other day ;) Treasure hunt time!

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