Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yipee October!

Sam here! I looove October. It's not only time to prepare for Halloween but it's also the month where I can enjoy the most delicious foods with my friends and family! Oh autumn, such a good time.
Since I love this month - I'm going to aim to post at least once a day and I'm sorry but it'll be heavily focused on Halloween, I can't help it!

After all, I received these amazing leggings in the mail today - just on time!! They're currently hang drying but I really want to throw together an outfit with these beauties.

They may look familiar because they're a copy of Black Milk Clothing's The Anatomist Negative Leggings. Here is what the originals look like:

Anyways, after this super late blog post..I'm actually going to start preparing for tomorrow's post. Until then...goodnight!

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  1. I love October for the same reasons you do, but now I have another reason to love it: daily L&B posts!

    1. Right? So much goodness in one month! :P
      haha, you're toooo sweet! xo


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