Friday, October 4, 2013

Skulls & Booze

Late night blogging - the best kind!
It's been a long day because for half of the week my bedroom was a mess. My main closet shelf collapsed (my shoes & clothing caused it) and I couldn't have it repaired until today.
My wardrobe was on my floor but since it was repaired - I've been cleaning up as well as bringing out my Halloween decorations! During a quick break, I snapped some photos of some drinks that I felt were Autumn inspired. Have any recommendations?

Flying Monkeys City & Colour Maple Wheat Ale, Black Creek Pumpkin Ale, Crystal Head Vodka, Somersby Blackcherry Cider, Mini & Crystal Head Vodka

Can't wait to try this

I couldn't not buy this one...

Crystal Head Vodkas

I have 4 bottles of this and I haven't had a chance to try it! Syl has though and she shared her thoughts. Sounds interesting

I had my bottle signed by Dallas Green (City & Colour) :)

That time I went to buy the Flying Monkeys City & Colour Maple Wheat Ale and met Dallas Green. Wearing my Bone Machine 2.0 Catsuit by Black Milk Clothing

Photo from the other day. FYI: Strongbow Cider < Somersby Cider. LovelySally Babilonia Leggings

Hours of candle melting up in here. skulls are out!

Happy weekend!

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    1. Aren't they awesome!? I can't bring myself to return them when they're empty. They're worth way more than 20 cents to me! haha


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