Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 1: Sharkie Con Canada

So I mentioned the other day that we attended the first Canadian Sharkie Con in Toronto. What is Sharkie Con? It's a gathering of Sharkies (Black Milk Clothing Fans) who share a love and obsession with nylon and eachother! It was a real blast and we got to meet a tons of amazing fellow Sharkies! So on day 1 we met up at the CN Tower and did the whole tourist thing. We haven't been up there in years, it was nice to be able to go back up! Following the tower we headed to the Loose Moose for dinner and Sneaky Dee's for karaoke to wrap up the night.

James Lillis jumping amongst some of us Canadian Sharkies. Photo Credit: Caileigh Young

CN Tower

Canadian Sharkies at the CN Tower. Photo Credit: Kris Toth

Jessica and I. I'm wearing a Black Milk Clothing Bone Machine 2.0 Catsuit with a lipglossandblack Burned velvet tee, and Jeffrey Campbell Gold Toe Homg wedge sneakers. Photo Credit: Jessica H

Syl and I. Photo Credit: Jessica H

Black Milk Clothing Bone Machine 2.0 Catsuit and Jeffrey Campbell Gold Toe Homg wedges on the glass floor

Syl and  Jessica. Photo Credit: Jessica H

Me and Syl. Photo Credit: Jessica H

Black Milk Legging circle! Photo Credit: Caileigh Young

Black Milk Legging circle with James. Photo Credit: Caileigh Young

Chewbacca and I

James hanging out with a bear. NDB. Photo credit: Kat Milos

Love this picture!! Photo credit: Tea Hastings

At the Loose Moose. This is what happens when you sit under a heat lamp type lighting. ughh

Good times. haha. Photo credit: Jessica H

BM goodies! Photo credit: Jessica H

Talking it up with James. Again...heat lamp.

BM story time! Photo credit: Jessica H

My prize! Unreleased Black Milk Clothing Cat Skater Dress! Photo credit: Jessica H

eeeeee! Photo credit: Jessica H

Winners! Jess won a ring!

Me and Handsome Cam! Photo credit: Jessica H

Jess and I with Emperor James. Photo credit: Jessica H

Cam's doings. Photo credit: Miranda Broadway

Subwaying to Sneaky Dee's because we went the wrong way! ha. Tourists. Photo credit: Jessica H

Dancing it up during karaoke

This is the greatest, seriously. Photo credit: Farah J.S.

Tons more photos to come..maybe tomorrow! Night night sharkies ;)

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