Friday, October 11, 2013

New Thigh Garters

I've been working at this for most of the day. It's been quite a Friday but I'm thrilled to finally have this up in our shop. :)
I love wearing suspender leggings but these are just on a whole other level. I've wanted these forever and I regret procrastinating because all of my bodycon and boyfriend tees have been missing these things all along! They're so perfect for holding down your pieces while you stroll around. I've always had issues with my dresses riding up and I hate having to adjust them in public. These are going to be on my legs a lot from now on. So great..

Zara faux fur coat, Skull dress and black thigh garters by lipglossandblack, Jeffrey Campbell black velvet lita heels

Fringe faux leather jacket, Ramones boyfriend tee, white thigh garters by lipglossandblack, Jeffrey Campbell black snakeskin Backoff wedge booties

What do you think? I know some ladies might thing it's too edgy for their style but I adore them!

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  1. Holy crap! These are awesome! It totally gives boyfriend tees, long sweaters etc a great edgy look! I totally give these garter belts five stars!



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