Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reverse Legbone Suspenders

I absolutely love my legbone leggings from Black Milk Clothing. They were actually one of my first pairs of leggings from Black Milk.
Recently, I felt like I had to make them into suspenders. So here we have legbones in a reverse suspender form. I designed this type of suspender leggings with the intention of being able to wear them in different ways. These are so incredibly versatile, seriously. I can wear them as suspenders, shorts, or have the reverse suspender stockings clipped to a dress or skirt!

Burned velvet top by lipgloss & black, legbone leggings by Black Milk Clothing but altered by me, Jeffrey Campbell Back Off booties

Styled as shorts, suspender leggings, and shorts with garters by Lipgloss & Black

If you're a fan of these leggings, check them out because I just posted them on eBay today!

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