Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tutorial - Mummy Manicure

I was trying to think of yet another simple yet spooky manicure and here it is. A mummy manicure! You only need white & black nail polish with a top coat and the ability it draw somewhat straight lines (but it's not mandatory)

This is the look we're going for. Mummy wrapped nails!

What you'll need:
-White Nail Polish
-Black Nail Polish with thin brush OR use a thin paint brush with any Black Nail Polish
-Quick Dry Top Coat

Paint one coat of white nail polish. Do a second coat of white nail polish when first is dry. Don't worry if there's streaks with the natural colour of your nails showing through. It'll give the bandages less of a flat look

Base colour. Complete. Wait for them to dry completely

Now begin painting on your bandages with a thin brush

Don't be afraid to make the lines super random...because really mummies aren't perfectly wrapped

Continue painting lines.

There you have it. Some of the lines are thicker than others but that's okay - it doesn't have to be perfect.

After your nails are dry, apply your quick dry top coat.

There you have it! Creepy yet simple mummy nails!

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