Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tutorial - Candy Corn Nails

Happy Halloween everyone! This is my last Halloween manicure tutorial of the year. So I know that you are probably going to be munching on candies and chocolates no matter how old or young you are. What's more suitable than candy corn on your claws?

Here's the triple striped look we're going for.

What you'll need:
-Orange nail polish
-Yellow nail polish
-White nail polish
-Quick dry top coat

Paint first coat of orange nail polish

Do a second coat when the first is completely dry

Cut a strip of tape that's about 1/3 of the length of your nail

Use the first piece of tape to measure the other pieces

Make sure that your nails are completely dry then stick the tape across the centre of your nail. Stick the tape on well to ensure that the colour doesn't bleed

Paint two coats of white nail polish

As well as two coats of yellow nail polish

When your nails are completely dry, peel off the tape carefully

Apply the quick dry top coat

Weeeeeee, candy fingers! Enjoy your treats, Happy Halloween!!

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