Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tutorial - Slime Dripping Nails

The other day, when I was working on the Dexter Manicure Tutorial, I really couldn't decide whether I wanted the blood to drip up or down my nails. For that reason, I decided to make a tutorial for the opposite direction but with slime rather than blood.

Here's the look we're going for. Slime dripping from your attractive.

What you'll need:
-A baggy. Sandwich or zip lock - doesn't matter.
-Light green nail poish
-Neon green nail polish
-Thin paint brush
-Quick Dry Top Coat

Paint first coat of the light green base colour. When first coat is dry, apply second coat

Let base colour completely dry

Take the neon nail polish and dab a good amount onto the bag

With the thin paint brush, apply the second colour to your nail. You can start from the base of your nail and paint lines towards the tip of your nail. Vary the length of the drips

Paint a half moon shape at the base of your nail

You can also do it the other way around. Paint the half moon first...

...and then the drips

Dab some dots below the drips

You may allow the thickness of the nail polish can be inconsistent. It makes it look more...slime-like

When your nails are completely dry, apply the quick dry top coat

and that's how you paint slime dripping nails! Spoooooky

Happy Eve of Halloween!

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