Sunday, July 3, 2011

170: throw on some leather and cruise

When Sam & I take photos of each other, it's really not a serious affair. While we do try to take nice photos of each other for the blog, we also usually take a slew of horrible ones. It's like a force of habit to try to catch the other in hilarious positions or making disgusting faces. We're sisters after all... we've gotta annoy each other sometimes ;)

While I bend over to put on my shoes or when I'm fixing my bra, I always hear the shutter going off & assume that I'm getting some narsty pics of myself.

Every so often though, Sam surprises me with some cute shots instead of hideous ones.

Anyways, I had a great long weekend staying at home, "pretending to be at the cottage", spending time with my sick boyfriend (bike riding, beer drinking & furniture shopping at ikea)! I'm pooped from ikea furniture building & lifting, so I'll do a full outfit post tomorrow!


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ps, yeah yeah, I promise to make more of this little number now!

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