Tuesday, July 19, 2011

190: highway unicorn

Today, the heatwave continued, so we put on some summery clothes for our ride to the mailbox to drop off some packages. We made sure to stay hydrated & I made sure to wear something strapless to avoid tanlines ;)

please notice my teeny weenie ponytail! I didn't think my shaved hair would EVER grow out! yay!

My bike isn't the cutest (to be honest, I would love some fun cruiser bike or a retro looking one in a cute colour) but it was my ride throughout university & it has always gotten me from A to B. :)

skull scarf from stitches, prescription sunglasses from zenni, turquoise plugs from bodyartforms, smocked tribal dress from ub, oldest/dirtiest ballet flats from le chateau, purse thrifted & painted by me

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?!


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  1. That is the cutest ponytail I've ever seen!
    I love your bag! You painted it yourself? Shucks I was gonna ask where you got it, but saw that your thrifted it and did a little DIY on it. Nice one! :D


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