Monday, July 18, 2011

188: seeing spots

Phew, I've been sewing a lot of the same thing lately! I only usually experience a rush like this near Halloween & Christmas, but it appears that we managed to hit a sweet spot for the summer too! Swim wear in the summer?! Who knew? ;)

I've sewn so many, in fact, that I'm out of that striped fabric! So that's the end of that bathing suit! I might gather some of our other swimwear fabrics though & see if I can make another combination of colours that is as cute as the original :)

Aptly, I was wearing this shirt today.

More updates on our weekend, what we've been eating & wearing later!

OH! and I noticed a slew of new followers have joined us over the weekend! Welcome lovelies :) Don't be shy, say hi & let us know what you wanna read about.


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  1. I knew these swimsuits would go well! They're so cute. I only wish I could have afforded one. :(

  2. I really like the lace on te front of the bathing suit bottoms! That adds just a hint of softness to an edgy piece. I would wear it!

  3. love love love love love these!!!!!!!!


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