Thursday, July 7, 2011

179: stretched

An important part of who we both are is our love for body modifications. Although neither of us is heavily 'modified' (we don't have tattoos or any heavy mods yet) we still have visible piercings and stretches that sometimes makes us victims of a couple of stares or some finger pointing. no big deal.

I think our stretched ears are often the topic of conversations & a lot of people are often curious about why anyone would do something like that to their bodies. It's our own personal choice & if we're gonna be grandmas with big saggy earholes, we're just gonna have to buy bigger plugs to fill them ;). Samantha has her ears stretched to 1/2" and mine are about 00g to 7/16". We're also asked about how you go about stretching your ears and how much it hurts... & they answer is slowly & not at all (if you're doin it right)!

Anyways, I just received an order from my favourite online body jewelry store Body Art Forms & I thought it would be a good time to show you guys my pretty collection!

This is most of it, minus the faceted solid cz's that I usually wear & a pair of hoops in my drawer. Plugs are on the left side & big dangly organics on the right.

from top, left to right:
popcans, faceted cz inlays, ss tunnels, turquoise, IS purple transparent dichro, diamond galaxies,
diy roses, ebony wood, virgin marys,
blue goldstone, rough faced druzy, white jade, green aventurine

Aren't they so pretty? I'm on the hunt for some rough faced amethyst plugs now :)

These octopi were some of my fave danglies that I've had... they sat a little funny though so I have since sold them. but yeah, a favourite :)
(eta, they're from nine25ag)


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  1. i only went as far as 10g and then downsized. those popcans are cute and your entire collection is making me want to start stretching again!

  2. :0 GASP where did you get those octopi?

    -Long time follower, first time commenter :'D

  3. michelle, they're from ! :)


  4. I love the popcan ones! People always ask why I stretch, too haha

  5. You have such a cool collection of body jewellery! I love the cans & the roses! And I love those octopi!

  6. I love the popcan ones! People always ask why I stretch, too haha

  7. These are expensive, but they made me think of you.


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