Tuesday, July 5, 2011

175: brown eyed girl

Today I got a new pair of glasses in the mail from my fave online glasses shop, Clearlycontacts.ca. They always have free glasses promos or even $38 glasses sales (that includes the 1.5 index prescription lenses!) so I try to take advantage whenever those happen.

Derek Cardigan 7004 Green Tortoiseshell
This pair was my fave for the past 4 months! I loved them oh-so-much... until last weekend when I was going out holding only a small clutch as my purse. I didn't have room for my glasses in the bag & I was wearing my prescription sunglasses, so I stupidly threw my glasses in my harem pants pocket. Totally dumb because I lost them... and totally dumb because that's not the first pair that I've lost. At least the first couple of pairs I lost because of drunkenness hahaha.

Anyways, this Friday there was a Canada Day free glasses code, so I managed to snag my 4th free pair!

Derek Cardigan 7016 Brown Pink Fade
I intentionally ordered a more soft colour because my large thick glasses tended to overpower my smokey eyes but the light colour & the smaller frames just didn't feel like me. I usually like to give myself time to get used to new frames and I try not to make rash decisions when I'm not wearing any makeup (LOL, that is a ridiculous statement but I'm going to leave it) but I decided to exchange them ASAP.

So now, after "trying" a new frame, I ended up reordering the same frames as the ones I lost... but in "shadow grey". Sometimes you just get too comfortable with what's familiar :)

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  1. Remember how I told you I got three pairs? I ended up returning all of them! :( I dunno why, maybe I am measuring my PD incorrectly, the lenses always feel skewed/inaccurate. I still have a free coupon code that I got with one pair, so I am debating whether to try again, or just give up. lol

  2. Thanks for posting this! I found you by Googling the style of glasses that you have because I had a coupon code for a free pair and I wanted to know what they looked like on a person before I ordered them. I ended up getting the 7014 Black/Rootbeer ones... Can't wait to try them!


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