Tuesday, July 26, 2011

194: beat the heat

Are you getting sick of all the talks about heat lately? It's been a pretty serious heatwave in the Greater Toronto Area & it's only just let up today! We finally have been able to give our air conditioning a break & open up the windows. I won't complain about the sun & humidity though, we suffer some loooong winters waiting for this weather!

So I wanted to ask you guys, what do you wear on those ridiculously hot days?!

What runs through my mind when I'm getting dressed is usually:
- expose as much skin as possible (and go for strapless to avoid tanlines if it's sunny out!)
- wear my hair off of my face with either a braid, hairband or hat
- wear flat shoes or sandals (because for some reason I associate heels with effort & effort with sweating more. haha)
- SUNGLASSES always. (& then i'm that douche at the mall wearing sunglasses inside because I need the prescription to see)
- sunscreen!

I guess it's true about the heat making you feel a bit lazy. I find myself most often reaching for dresses or rompers because they're a one-piece outfit that doesn't require much thought!

& how do you guys beat the heat?
Sam's been making us lots & lots of fruit smoothies with the magic bullet. yum ;)


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