Friday, July 22, 2011

192: it's like a heatwave

Today was supposedly the hottest day of the year! I dunno... it felt about as hot as all the other days this week, so in my head I've been singing "heatwave" a lot.

man, motown is my jam.

Anyway, here I am. Keepin it cool. Although maxi-lengths aren't that cool... I had it tied up for most of the day.

hat from peter grimm, derek cardigan 7004 glasses from clearlycontacts, maxi tank dress from stitches, belt from bluenotes, sandals from gojane

secret love letters necklace from anirtak (aka the demure muse!)

Every year, as the greenery returns during the spring & flowers & plants start coming back to life, I like to decide what plants are my "favourites". This year I have a soft spot for these Hens&Chicks! I've got a thing for succulents right now & these ones are particularly cool because the "hens" sprout little "chicks", so they actually spread like crazy.

This type of hot hot heat is perfect for succulents! See those little chicks popping out from the bigger one?

Stay hydrated guys!


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  1. Love your maxi and your arm candy =)

  2. I had a succulent/cacti obsession last year! i love their unique alien-like shapes.

     so jealous of everyone on the other side of the country -  we need a mini-heat wave right now. this has been one of the coldest/cloudiest summer out her in BC/Northwest - went on "vacation" down the Oregon coast and spent most of the time in jeans and my winter jacket!

    take care, stay cool and stylish ;)


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