Sunday, July 10, 2011

181: cunter @ rock the coliseum

So Rock the Coliseum has been a large part of our lives for the past several years...
Unfortunately this year was the final year after 6 years.
It's a free rock concert that usually runs from Friday to Sunday. It was also a great place for vendors to set up and meet people and fellow art vendors. Syl & I have set up many times and will never forget the memories and people we have met in the process.

This year there were tons of bands playing over two days including:
Kick The Door Down Jackie
Morning Thieves
Infernal Arms
Indian Handcrafts
Burning Love

Hi Kyle
Ryan Masters
The Coppertone
Masters of Finance
Please Stand By
Treble Warriors
The North
Gentleman Husbands

Syl & I went for a short period of time to see Cunter (Erik Hughes & Kenny Bridges (from Moneen), Billy Curtiss, Jordan Hastings (from Alexisonfire), Greg Dawson) and to visit some friends.

I snapped some quick photos of the set:
Erik wasn't able to sing so Jay Spencer from Deadly Hopefuls subbed in.

So long Rock the Coliseum. It's been a great 6 years! Thanks for the memories Bushra!

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